Various attributes
Different characters
The Fananees Genesis Collection brings MBC’s most popular Ramadan characters to the exciting world of digital collectibles.

The Fananees NFTs are the key to the next chapter in Web3 development and enable users to unlock exclusive money-cannot-buy experiences.

The Fananees Genesis NFT Collection

About the Fananees Genesis Collection
Become a part of MENA’s first unique NFT collection which celebrates the region’s rich cultural heritage, powered by the latest innovations in blockchain technology.

The Fananees NFTs are based on the seven Fananees characters, with over 200 different attributes. Furthermore, the illustrations were developed by the same design agency that brought some of Paramount & Nickelodeon’s most popular cartoons to life.

The Fananees NFTs enable users to unlock exclusive money-cannot-buy experiences from MBC and their partners. In addition, the owners of the Fananees NFTs will have access to the Learn-To-Own educational platform, while enthusiastic collectors will have the chance to join the Fananees Family Club, an exclusive group with the founders and MBC, allowing passionate community members to share ideas, provide recommendations and speak directly with the Fananees team.
The exclusive benefits of the Fananees NFT
Members of the Fananees Family Club (FFC) will have access to a dedicated group chat, which includes Fananees team members and their partners, enabling members to share ideas, provide recommendations and speak directly with the Fananees team.
Fananees Family Club
Fananees NFT holders can stake their NFTs to earn rewards and unlock access to a range of unique experiences from MBC Group.

These exclusive money-cannot-buy experiences include VIP access to events, celebrity meet & greets, merchandise, appearing on popular MBC shows as an extra, and many more!
The Fananees NFT will grant holders access to the Learn-2-Own educational platform, which provides courses on everything related to blockchain technology, with various classes; regardless if you are a complete beginner or an expert, the Learn-To-Own platform has something for everyone
The beloved characters from MBC’s popular Fananees series
The Fananees characters symbolize family, togetherness, and cultural heritage. The seven characters from MBC’s popular mini-series first appeared during Ramadan a few years back as short skits between televised shows on MBC. In 2021, MBC created a 30 episode series, which has the group of friends facing various challenges, often self-made. The Fananees characters try to solve the problems in hilarious ways, often leading to even more troubles.
Join the beloved Fananees characters for some fun and laughter!
Play the latest Fananees mobile games on Apple and Android and join your favorite Ramadan characters in tackling the challenges that lie ahead. And for exclusive in-game accessories and access, check out the benefits of being in the Fananees Family Club by holding a Fananees NFT.
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Leena Al Ayoobi
Bahraini artist and owner of Dar Alfann Gallery, she has gained recognition as a leading woman artist in the NFT field in the MENA region and has collaborated with international brands while advancing the NFT art scene through her role as the founder of NFT MENA.

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